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Default Looking for a good messaging app for Android on Samsung S3

The installed messaging app that comes with the OS is not satisfactory. I am looking for one that I can control instead of being controlled by the OS. I looked at eBuddy but the reviews say that the app no longer functions and I will not use whatsapp.

Anyone have a suggestion?

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What version of Android is the Samsung S3 running?
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These are a few you could try. I don't use any of them though, so it will be a case of try them and see if there's one amongst them that suits your needs.

Mood Messenger - SMS & MMS ...... 100% Free and with 0 ads;

Signal Private Messenger - Free and Open Source;

YAATA - SMS/MMS messaging - Offers in-app purchases;

Pulse SMS (Phone/Tablet/Web) - Offers in-app purchases;

Textra SMS - Contains Ads - Offers in-app purchases;

Maybe start with the first link then work your way down the list. Read the description and the reviews and form an opinion on each before trying them. They all seem to work with Android 4 and upwards.

I use the messaging app that came pre-installed with the phone and have no problem with it. I do use WhatsApp though, but can understand why the OP won't use it. In an ideal scenario I'd prefer not to either, but needs must and we all have different needs.

I'd prefer to use Telegram to be honest;

.... but no-one I communicate with uses it so it would be pointless, sadly. It does seem to have problems with the occasional outage in certain countries though, and occasional reports of messages not being received for some time after being sent. Nothing's perfect.

I'm sure others will have their own suggestions, but they're the ones I've come across on various forums and sites while researching Android related stuff.
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What kind of a messenger are you looking for exactly?
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