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Default Is Mac Mini worth buying?

If i'm right mac mini (core 2 duo) cost as much as the quad duo of its pc equivalent...
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I am not a Mac fan at all but I bought a MacMini and it was very well worth it. However, it depends what you are planning to use it for.

I needed a computer to use in my living room for my HDTV. For that MacMini has a few great advantages:

1) It is small and should fit in or on any TV stand. It prefectly integrates into mine.

2) It perfectly supports bluetooth mouse and keyboard (which you need when you sit away from it).

3) Its video card produces a great picture for TV through the DVI output. I had a much better Windows computer connected through HDMI and the picture was not as good.

4) It is very stable, only crashed 5 times or so in three years.

However, here are a few disadvantages (reflecting my personal opinion):

a) The way Mac OS works is very unconventional and annoys me every time I use it. Windows in the background need two clicks to get the focus, etc.

b) I dont like the Mac keyboards. Must have been a guy with sausage fingers who invented them.

c) Most importantly: Without Videolan's VLC player the Mac would nearly not be able to play anything I need. Quicktime player simply sucks (sorry to be polemic here but I had my experiences) and does not support most of the common codecs (MKV, etc.).

d) Mac's policy of being incompatible with any standard is an insult to the computer world. It starts with not being able to write to an NTFS USB drive and ends with overpriced products.

I could list more pros and cons. My opinion in a nutshell, when you only need Mac world features in a small casing, the MacMini is a good choice, especially with an HDTV (Plex is a great free multimedia app fopr the Mac). If you need a workstation for frequent and intense computer work, I would never touch it.

Having said that, a few weeks ago I decided to give Windows 7 a try on the MacMini. It was a little cumbersome, but with the Mac boot manager and a good amount of tweaking I got it to work. I have a second partition now on the MacMini with Windows 7 32Bit on it. It worls fairly good, I got even the bluetooth mouse and keyboard to work after finding some help about that via Google. Stability is not that good though when using graphic intensive applications. Some games don't work but browsing and playing media files is great. I am using Plex on the Mac and XBMX in Windows. Oh, and I can finally write to that USB drive... :-)

Hope that helps.
Note: This is not a sophisticated analysis but only a glimpse on my personal experiences.
Best regards, George

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Well, unlike George, I use Macs as my computer of choice. But, like George, I recommend that you first determine what you want to do with a computer - in other words, first, the applications, then, how well you like what the applications do for you and how well you like the interface. However, there's great s/w for each platform. Just do your research.

BTW, I've used Microsoft's Office on both platforms w/o any problems. Additionally, there are mucho applications that have PC, Mac and Linux versions. So, it may just come down to how comfortable you are with the operating system you're use to using.

I have one of my Mac Minis running Windows XP with VMware's Fusion. This Mini is my "desktop" machine. It has XP in case I have to use my company's personnel databases which only interfaces with Internet Explorer. I also have XP with Fusion on my 17 MacBook Pro for the same reason. I have another Mini I use strictly has an Home Theater PC.

If you do decide to get a Mini, I've found that Apple charges a bit too much for additional RAM and a larger hard drive from the stock model. I've upgraded both of my Minis with 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive w/o a problem. In my situation, 500GB of hard disk space is more than enough because I have a D-Link DNS 323 and a Synology DS110j network attached storage for my video's and backup devices. Other World Computing's web site has videos on how to upgrade a Mini's RAM and hard drive.

Finally, the Mini was initially marketed as an Apple computer that you can easily convert over from a PC using your PC's monitor and keyboard (USB, of course). I've never had any problem using non Apple keyboards, mice or monitors with my Mac's. In fact, I've got a Dell monitor and a Logitech keyboard and mouse on my desktop Mini.


P.S. My HTPC Mini uses Plex, Hulu desktop, VLC, Flip4Mac and Perian to handle the video playing. I use RipIt and MacTheRipper for obvious reasons. I, then, use Handbrake to format the video for the presentation device - Apple TV or Mini (I'm playing with both as a hobby). I highly recommend Handbrake for your video finishing s/w. Handbrake can be found at

Commercial links removed

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I agree with George and Stork.

The other thing to note about the Mini is that it's really very economical on power, and relatively quiet.

...for something that will be on a whole lot of time, that may be important to you.
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My opinian is nor Mini nor any aple product ,for the simple fact that when you aple pc gets old no support at all and you have to send it to land fill, cause it doen't allow you to get any other ops on it, at least makes it a hell not like win or Linux ops that you can easy install and ops realy easy.
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Originally Posted by jamblebee View Post
If i'm right mac mini (core 2 duo) cost as much as the quad duo of its pc equivalent...
Is the Mac Mini worth buying?

Basically, if you have to ask that question, the answer is no.
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