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Default SSD but how much faster is it ?

Hi all, this is my first post so be gentle with me please.

In the Apple App Store there is a program (blackmagic speed test) that measures the Read/Write speed of Drives , HDD and SSD however the App Store program keeps telling me that my SSD is READ only (when I know dam well it isn't) and stops dead with an error .

I would therefore like a Freeware program that does the same as the App Store program, please.

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Resolved Have you tried Xbench?


XBench is a Free Mac OS X Benchmarking Tool. I do NOT know if it can Benchmark SSD drives though.

XBench for Mac OS X

Hope that helps!
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Hiya SeaMac thanks for that tip off about that XBench App, I have just tried it, and it didnt want to play AT ALL, it kept crashing and I sent it to the Trash several times, which I couldn't empty until I did a restart and still the dammed thing was there. So I am NOT going to RUN it again LOL, it might be Mavericks it doesnt play with ?.

However I ran the BlackMagic App again after a few weeks of using my new SSD and Surprise Surprise it worked fine and reported figures that I had hoped for and expected

400 plus on both Read and Write my lap top boots up FAR Quicker and is far more responsive than it ever was before, and it never was a slouch anyway, I can thoroughly recomend an SSD
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