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Cool Bushwacked by Linux Installation (My own fault)

while installing linux to my win 8 computer I made an egregious error and wiped out my win 8 o/s.
The linux installation,however, was successful (pyrrhic victory?)
Now I cannot boot from dvd drive or usb drive unless it's a linux product.
Have access to the bios, Have no restoration or recovery media and don't know if it would boot if I did have it.

Any help woukd earn my undying gratitude.
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Upon installation of Linux, such as Linux Mint, it offers the installation type.

If you have chosen "Erase disk and install Linux Mint", your Windows OS partition can be overwritten. One of the good options is to choose "Install Linux Mint alongside them" if you wish to dual boot Linux with Windows.

A step-by-step guide on installation is available from various resources such as this and this.

You will have to reinstall Windows or recover your device if you've chosen the option of erasing the disk.

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Thanks for your fast reply,JoJo.

My problem is that nothing except Linux will boot no matter which media (hdd, dvd drive, bootable usb ). I am in the process of obtaining a restoration disc from the mfr (Gateway
sx2185 desktop ). I strongly suspect that this also will not boot.
If not, what alternatives do I have? Thank you
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You state that you have access to the BIOS, but not whether it is set to boot from a CD/DVD or HDD.
The following is a list of rescue tools that might help:
Good luck!
(Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)
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If you have chosen "Erase disk and install Linux Mint", - means that your Windows OS partition Will be overwritten
this is where the installer has changed, - the 'installed side by side' option has gone.
- newbies don;t know enough, to go with the 'something else' option.
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It wouldn't hurt the writers of the Linux install to detect that the options chosen will wipe out other OS's and any Windows install partition/files.
The last time I did a Windows install it did warn me that I was overwriting a none empty partition and ask if I was sure?
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