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Default Looking for a free Appointment Scheduling Calender

Our practice needs a calendar to book appointments for 2 doctors and a nurse. We are currently using the Google calendar, but due to the fact that each professional does not have a column for his/her appointments, it is not working very well.
What works well with the Google calendar is that everyone has easy access to the calendar from their cell phones (android and ios) and desktop PCs.
To summarise the requirements:
1. To be able to make three appointments at the same time in different columns
2. Access from various OS's
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I can't think of a different calendar system that meets those specific requirements, but what could help is setting up multiple calendars in Google Calendar. They won't be in different columns the way you described but every person would have their own calendar (with their own colour), and that way the different calendars shouldn't conflict with each other.
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Ever look at ?

You can share, and within "view" select which (collaborators) to show.
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