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Default Background services/process

I have a laptop that is getting a little old and probably could use a bit of a upgrade.

But to prolong the life I'm thinking, should i run memory inentiseive programs in there own user accounts?

For example have a main adminstrator acount that installed the programs.

Then a user profile to log into when doing things like video editing.

Another profile for photo editing.

Someime when using one of these software progrmas, other services and processes start. and they don't necessarily stop and terminate when the program is closed down and sent to the backgournd instead. My thinkning is thay then may lag the system down slightly, take up a little ram, reduce the system responsiveness etc. Sometimes I have to go into task manager and close a few processess, clear the ram and put the laptop into gaming mode before i can lauch a piece of sotware for work, otherwise it lags.

Would i then get better performance if i log off (not just log out) then can choose another profile for other tasks?
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you could increase the paging file size to help with the ram buffer, i forget how it works but it's a large file that acts like ram? i don't know technical description of it.,36929.html
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Paging to disk has a negative impact on performance even if the paging file is on an SSD.

The best performance will be when the current process and its data can all be resident in memory without paging to disk.

Yes, background processes do use memory and CPU. While you don't have much control over what Windows is doing in the background there are some options. Normally, the most important processes to prevent from running are startup apps:

Windows 10 game mode

Windows 8.1/10 prevent Windows apps running in the background

Disable startup processes
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