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Question Need Best Free Remote Access and Control Software - Windows

I always come to Gizmo's looking for lists for the best of everything and usually find it, so why is there no real list of free remote access software? I saw one that had two programs but not much info.

I used to use Logmein to control everything on a friend's pc and run programs for her to clean up and otherwise maintain her system, and I still use vnc to run Quickbooks for another friend, but I'd love a current list of the best software for remotely running another computer, not for just viewing or meetings, but actual remote control so I can work on another's pc for them without either of us having to pay or having them try to set up IP addresses and ports and things they will never understand. There has to be something that I am missing, and a full review of those types of programs would be much appreciated.
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jlgg, welcome to the forum .

Yes, you are right, the article for best free remote access software:

is not elaborate or complete as other articles on Gizmo.

The reason is, there is no editor to maintain that review. If there was one, you could have expected a more elaborate and complete review containing the various freeware options.

As it is, Gizmo's is getting very few editors nowadays, therefore the problem.

I will try to suggest some freeware options when I get sometime.

TeamViewer remains the best though for this purpose, I guess.
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Another good one is AnyDesk that was founded by former TeamViewer employees in 2014. Personal experience says that it's much faster than TeamViewer but the free version supports only 1 seat and is limited to one connection
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+1 for AnyDesk . .

even though you are limited to just the one connection,
you can still Remote Control your Friends PCs with it.

and it seemed to work quite well on the few times that I've tried it out:
- okay with Windows to Windows
- not so much on Linux Systems, though

use TeamViewer if you want better control from Linux to Windows Systems.

there are other Remote Programs, as well, but most of them are not so great,
- either in features or in use-ability.
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