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Rich in wallpapers and ringtones ready for use, across platforms.
Features vary by platforms, ringtones not available on the iPad or iPhone.

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Zedge allows you to search, browse, preview and choose a ringtone you like, download and set it as your device's ringtone, notification or alarm sound, right away from within the app.

Besides ringtones, Zedge is also a great resource to look for wallpapers optimized for your mobile. Similarly you can use the app to search, browse, preview, download and set wallpapers. You can even make Zedge change your wallpapers automatically at a fixed time interval via settings. However, some of these features may be applicable to Android devices only.

Either ringtones or wallpapers, Zedge grouped them into Category, Featured, Popular and Recent so that you can browse them in the way you prefer besides finding more from a search button. For every shared file, Zedge shows additional information like the file size, downloads and the contributor.

It's hard to believe you can't get one you like from Zedge, as it has millions of ringtones and wallpapers available for downloads, all free.

This app runs in Android, iOS and Windows, but the iOS version currently supports only wallpapers.


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