You Don't Have To Be From A Farm To Be A Great Farmer


Hay Day

Source: Supercell


As the game developer Supercell puts it, "You don't have to be from a farm to be a great farmer."

Indeed, through this game app Hay Day, you can get back to nature and experience the simple and lively life of working the land and fishing the waters.

It is fun, entertaining and educational, with enjoyable gameplay in particular if you interact with your friends of any age in a group.

Conceptually the game has got all the elements right in simulating natural farming except that it misses out one thing: it never rains. But this never ruins the attractiveness of the game. Hay Day is extremely popular among players and it has achieved more than 100 million installs from Google Play. Can they all be wrong?

The game receives constant updates since it was launched in 2012. Besides on Android mobile devices, you can also get it free on the iPhone and iPad.

Hay DayHay Day




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Ah! A modern and portable version of the classic Harvest Moon, Jojo?

Thank you for sharing! :-)

You're welcome Sgluber. The classic Harvest Moon was released 20 years ago and I had not tried it.

If you can, try it, Jojo.

Harvest Moon is amazing... it is more than a game, it is a challenger and pleasant experience.