A Fun And Educational Way to Solve Word Puzzles


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Multiple levels, fun and educational, beautiful graphics, typography and sound effects.
Ads supported.

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Wordaholic is a creative word puzzle that allows you to guess words in a fun, enjoyable and educational way.

In each of the levels, select a theme you like and it creates word puzzles for you to solve. Based on either a keyword or an image, you will need to exercise your brain to figure out a correct answer, then slide through the letters sequentially to match the answer and fill up the blank hexagons provided.

You will never easily get bored with the game as it provides sufficient levels for you to challenge through. Be patient to play this game as more advanced levels are unlocked only when you have completed lower levels.

After solving each puzzle, you are rewarded with a simple educational fact from different categories to learn or recap, such as "Did you know a chameleon's tongue is twice the length of its body?", "Did you know the world's most expensive spice is saffron?", or "Did you know the Sun has a diameter of 1,390,176km?" etc.

Playing this game is easy, intuitive and good for all ages. Moreover, it is well designed with beautiful graphics, typography and color selection, with optional settings for sound effects and notifications.

Wordaholic is supported by ads and available for Google's Android and Apple's iOS mobile devices. At time of writing, the Android version has 222 unique levels while the iOS version has more than 160 levels, definitely enough for you to complete all of them.


A Fun And Educational Way to Solve Word Puzzles

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