A global address system identifies any location with unique three words.


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Get 3 words for a location, search with 3 words, street addresses or GPS coordinates.
Relies on third party apps to get directions.

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What3words is a global address system where you can identify any location on the Earth by giving three simple words, which are easier to talk about and memorize than GPS coordinates or plus codes.

The address system works by dividing up the planet's surface into grids, each measuring 3m x 3m and assigned a unique three-word address. So for example, a place in Notting Hill, London, can be designated as cool.view.spark.

Depending on the language used, the system makes use of a wordlist of up to 40,000 words to generate three-word addresses. As these are memorable words, they may sound cool or uncool to some even though the system has taken out foul words.

For similar sets of words (for example, cool.view.spark and cools.view.spark), the system makes them far apart with its built-in error correction, easy for you to spot big differences.

With the what3words app, you can easily identify your existing location. Tap the GPS button on the top right of the screen and it shows your current location on the map alongside a three-word address. Tap the Search button and it allows you to look for a new location on the map with either three words, street addresses or GPS coordinates. As a bonus, you can share easily your location with a three-word address and a pair of optional GPS coordinates.

Crucially, using three words works offline with this app so you can use it even without the Internet connection.

What3words service has been used in Navmii navigation system and applied in postal and delivery services in certain countries, while more languages are being added to the system. It will also be used in Mercedes-Benz according to automobile manufacturer Daimler AG.

As of writing, what3word service is not yet available in Google Maps nor in some other navigation systems in the world.


This Smart System Turns Your Address Into Just Three Words

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