Top 10 Free PC Games 2011


6. SuteF

This is one of those games, that if you pass on playing, you will do an injustice to yourself because this is a worthwhile experience. SuteF is the successor of Ted Lauterbach's previous work Fetus (spelled backwards SuteF). At first look, it may appear similar to any standard puzzle platformer, but this one surely makes a difference by being both unique and bizarre.
Aramas, a soggy little man, has 3 measly abilities (jumping, crate pushing and grappling), that you have to use to progress through 5 sets of exceptionally good puzzles, which become increasingly complex. You'll have to save him from this hellish dimension by using his paltry abilities in a plurality of ways, using your brains. You will have to exploit the spatial impossibilities, of the falsified dimension that SuteF brings, to reach your goal.
If there is any game that makes you feel that you've spent your time well, then it must be SuteF. As the developer says, play it unless you are allergic to bright flashes.
Genre: Platformer, Puzzle


No:7                                                                             No:5


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