How to Suggest a New Software Category


The best way to suggest a new category is to create a software stub for that category.

A stub is a blank review.  The advantage of creating a stub is that it get the software category onto our website and this encourages our users to offer suggestions or even take over the editing of that category by writing a full review.

It is remarkable how many suggestions some stubs get via the Comments section at the end of the stub. 

All these suggestions make the writing of a full review much easier. Indeed a smart way of creating a new software category that you intend to edit yourself is to first create a stub, let the comments come in over a month or so and then write the review using these comments.

How to create a stub for a new software category

1. The easiest way to create a stub is to copy an existing stub. So your first step is to go to this page which list software categories currently without editors and select an article that has the words "Stub only" in the title.

 2. Edit the stub you have selected. Open another browser tab at and select  "Create content from the left sidebar.

3. Select "Article" from the create content page

4. In the Title box enter the software category. Start with "Best Free ..."  and follow it with your new category, for example "Best Free Color Picker."  Capitalize all words of four letters or more as this will be your page heading.

At the end of the title add the words (Stub only) to clearly indicate to site visitirs that the page is only a stub not a full review.  Your title should now read something like:

Best Free Color Picker (Stub only)

5. In the "Article type" select one of more broad classes of software that best fit you new category. Start off by selecting the parent category "PC freeware" then select the sub-category (or sub-categories) from the list by holding down the Ctrl key while you select. Select only from the following classes:

-PC Freeware
-- Cleanup & Tuning
-- Desktop & GUI
-- Disk & File Utilities
-- Education
-- Games and Diversions
-- Home & Office
-- Image View and Edit
-- Internet, Email and Messaging
-- Multimedia (CD, DVD, Video, Audio)
-- Security / Privacy / Encryption
-- Networking & File Transfer
-- Programming & Engineering
-- Security
-- System and Performance Info
-- System Utilties

6. Now we need to copy the Article Text field from the existing stub to the new stub.

Switch to the browser tab containing the existing stub opened in the online editor. Click in the Article Text box and press Ctrl A followed bt Ctrl C to select and copy the comments.

Switch to the browser tab containing the new stub and click in the Article Text box and press Ctrl V to paste the copied text from the old stub to the stub.

7.  Scroll down to the heading "URL path settings" and click on the little arrow to the left of the heading to expand the options.

Now uncheck the box that says "Automatic alias."

In the box below enter the title of your review in lower case and with  a  "-" between words instead of spaces.  Please also add ".htm" to the end.

So if your review is titled "Best Free Color Picker" enter "best-free-color-picker.htm"

8.  Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Submit"  to save your work.

You have now created and saved your new stub. 



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