A Simple, Secure Way To Send Confidential Information


Here's a great way to send a confidential note to someone.  For example, if you've emailed someone an encrypted document and you need to inform them of the password for the file.

Head to www.burnnote.com in your web browser.  Type the confidential message, then press the Send button.  You'll be given a unique URL to your message, which you can now email to the recipient.  When they click on that URL, they get to read the message you entered.

So now you're probably wondering what makes Burn Note any more secure than traditional email.  Firstly, the unique URL will only work once, after which the note gets deleted from the system.  Secondly, if the recipient leaves their browser window open with the note visible, it'll self-destruct after 3 minutes.  And re-visiting the unique URL won't bring it back.

Plus, so long as you give a little thought beforehand, there's no risk of anyone at the Burn Note web site finding out your secret.  In the example below, for example, even if they know what password I've chosen, they won't know what system it's for, or who I've emailed the unique URL to.

So, if you fancy playing at Mission Impossible, point your web browser at www.burnnote.com.




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