SecurityKISS Tunnel


SecurityKISS Tunnel

A simple VPN client based on OpenVPN using data compression to ensure you get the very best connection without capping speeds.


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Pros & Cons:

Simple GUI, fast, lots of servers, secure, 300MB/day.
Usage cap.

Our Review:

SecurityKiss Tunnel is a simple Windows VPN client based on OpenVPN. They have servers located in Germany, the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Switzerland and are looking to expand into other locations. Speeds are relatively fast depending on your location to the nearest server. They do not cap speeds and use data compression to ensure you get the very best connection.

There is a 300 MB per day limit for free users, which they insist will always be free, will never decrease but may increase in the future. This would work out as roughly 9GB a month, which is more than adequate for surfing the web or very light to moderate downloading activities.

The GUI is very basic; it features a connect and a disconnect button, a button to change servers and a button to leave feedback. It also displays how much of your daily download quota has been used and how long before a new cycle begins.

SecurityKiss insist they do not keep personally identifiable data about their users and only log your IP addresses, connection/disconnection times and traffic volume. They use the 128-bit Blowfish algorithm to encrypt session data and use 1024-bit RSA certificates for session keys. Therefore, users can be assured that nobody can eavesdrop on your data.

Here are some of my personal ratings and a few technical points regarding the program:

  • Speed Rating: Fast
  • Anonymity Rating: High
  • Usage Allowance: Medium 300 MB per day
  • Logging Level: Minimal. They only log your IP address, connection/disconnection times and traffic volume which are kept permanently.
  • Server Location(s): USA UK Germany Switzerland Canada
  • WOT Rating: Unknown.
  • 2MB of RAM usage when running (+3MB for OpenVPN).
  • Available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

SecurityKISS Tunnel was reviewed by on based on version 0.2.2.