Scan and Share Old Photos Easily with No Annoying Glare



New photos taken with a smartphone and shared on social media are common, but old photos that were printed a few decades ago, either kept in a frame, a photo album or a Kodak envelope inside a drawer, are fantastic for sharing too.

To share these old photos with your contacts, a fast and easy way is by taking a picture of an old picture with a smartphone camera.

It sounds good by doing so but it often adds displeasing glare to otherwise enjoyable and memorable photos, due to the glare resulted from your phone's LED flash or the surrounding light.

To get rid of glare when taking a picture of a picture, go for this remarkable app PhotoScan by Google Photos, which removes glare automatically with an easy step-by-step capture flow.

It works by taking five shots of each photo at different positions and stitching them together to represent the best old photo for you, besides automatically detecting photo edges, straightening and rotating images to the correct orientation.

This is a free and handy tool for the iPhone and Android smartphone to share old photos in a quick social media post, less troublesome than using a flatbed photo scanner.





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