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Restore and Protect Your Privacy

Get the tools and information to restore privacy, secure devices and stay safe online at this website.

Restore Privacy is a privacy and security resource that provides useful, reliable and current information about how to get and stay as private and possible on the internet. The site evaluates and suggests secure options for email, browsers, VPNs, search engines, password managers, ad blockers and more. There are guides, tools, suggestions and reviews on a number of topics to help you be more secure on the internet.

The alternatives to Google services is useful if you want to move away from the range of Google services, it has many usable and workable alternatives.
There are guides on setting up and customizing programs, information on world surveillance alliances (Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, 14 Eyes) and a recommended privacy set up if you don’t want to read through the suggestions. Most people will be able to set up and use the solutions on the site as the information is clear and easy to understand.

Most of the services and programs on the site are free. The VPNs are paid and the secure email suggestions are a mix of free and paid.
Here are quick links to areas of interest on the site. All the suggestions for programs and services are under the Privacy Tools section.

  1. Google Alternatives – A complete list of alternatives for all Google products
  2. Firefox Privacy – A complete how-to guide to customize Firefox for privacy and security
  3. Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, 14 Eyes – The surveillance alliances that are spying on you
  4. Browser Fingerprinting – The risks and solutions explained
  5. Tor – Is it a trustworthy and safe privacy tool?
  6. VPN vs Tor – Which to choose?
  7. Privacy Tools – The complete list
  8. WebRTC Leaks – What this is and how to protect yourself
  9. Antivirus privacy – Is your antivirus spying on you?
  10. Alarming Cybersecurity Statistics – Latest trends and analysis
  11. Identity Theft and Fraud – Problems and solutions

All the information on the site is free and open to everyone. There are no ads though the site accepts donations and earns a small commission if anything is purchased through the site.
The site is worth a visit if you’re interested in privacy and what tools are available or you want to increase or restore your privacy.

Restore Privacy – your online privacy and resource center

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