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Radio Paradise Internet Radio

Curated a by a real human DJ, Radio Paradise offers high quality sound with no ads or subscriptions.

Radio Paradise is an eclectic, commercial free blend of modern and classic rock, world music, electronica, even a bit of classical and jazz that flows together in a way that makes sense harmonically, rhythmically, and lyrically.

Radio Paradise has some unique features:
• The ability to skip a song
• A HD-video slideshow, with a huge library of images that are matched thematically with the music
• Lyrics are displayed when available
• The Wikipedia entry for the current musician or band is displayed when available.
• There are three alternate channels available in addition to the Main Mix: RP Mellow Mix, RP Rock Mix, and RP World/Etc Mix

The settings let you choose player options: low, med, high, ultra, flac, control the amount of columns, hide the controls, and animate the slideshow.
There are brief breaks in the music every handful of songs, usually a short thank you for listening message. There are links to purchase the current music at amazon (affiliate link) and Apple music.

Radio Paradise is available on a multitude of devices. Through a browser, mobile apps for iOS and Android, in the Amazon Appstore, through Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Home Pod, on TV through Roku, AppleTV, GoogleTV, Fire TV, or the TuneIn app.

Run by a couple and supported by listeners, Radio Paradise is a station with an interesting mix of music, unique features and an unusual playlist. There are over 16,000 songs in their active music library and they are always adding more. Definitely not your usual internet station, give it a try if these genres of music appeal to you.

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I have been listening around 15 years. Great eclectic selection by a terrific DJ. Leans a little towards world music, but covers the waterfront from rock to jazz to roots to the occasional classical cut. The DJ came from KPIG in San Francisco, a legendary FM station.

I like the station, didn't know he was a DJ, I don't think that was mentioned anywhere on the site or the About area. Makes sense though, there's some skill there.

Brilliant find, thanks heaps, from Australia

I'm happy you like it. :)

I have listened to this for years!! And now I can stream in the Truck and Android Auto through Stitcher!

Good to know, thanks. :)

This is a great find. Thanks Rhiannon.

Absolutely agree! Excellent find, Rhiannon! Thanks!!

You're so welcome, I'm glad you like it.