Create a Live Web Page from Scratch in Seconds, via Email

Posterous ( is almost certainly the quickest way to create a web page and get it online.  Post a simple text message, or include additional content such as an MP3 file or a picture.   Unlike traditional blogging and publishing services, such as Blogger or MySpace, you don't even need to sign up for an account.  Just think of something to say, then email it to  Within a few seconds, you'll get back a reply telling you the address of your published page. Click on the link, and it's there for you (and the world) to see.
It really is that easy.  Web publishing doesn't get easier, or quicker, than this.  If you want to show your holiday snaps to family or colleagues, or publish the agenda for your next club meeting, this is the simplest way to do it.
Initially your published page will be given a unique URL, albeit not a particularly friendly or memorable one.  When I tried the service, my submitted page ended up as  But no problem.  Just view the page and click on the button to "claim the account".  You can then change the name (the bit before to anything you like, so long as it isn't taken already.  And of course you can assign a password to the account too, so no one else can continue contributing to it.
Posterous is clearly no substitute for a full-featured web publishing system like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress.  But nothing compares to it for speed.  In the time it takes to send an email, you could publish your message as a web page instead.  
There are plenty of free places that you can publish content on the web.  Blogger,, MySpace, Facebook, and plenty more.  But for sheer simplicity, Posterous is definitely worth a look.  Even your grandmother could use it.
System requirements: Any computer with internet access and a web browser.
Download file size: None.
by Robert Schifreen


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