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DroidZebra Reversi

Reversi, also known as Othello, is a classic strategy board game good for all ages, easy to learn and play but not easy to win.

To learn or enhance your strategies in playing the game, get those programs or apps that provide hints and evaluations of best moves for you. One of the strongest engines that are worth a try and can serve as your trainer for the game is Zebra, created by Gunnar Andersson.

WZebra, the user interface of Zebra for Windows developed by Lars Ivansson in a joint project with Andersson, is our Editor's Choice in Best Free Reversi Game.

As for its Android version, get this excellent game app DroidZebra written by Alex Kompel. It has a very clean user interface, no ads and is currently available from a third party store Apkpure, much better than most Reversi apps that are supported with annoying ads from the Play Store.

As usual, to install an Android application package (.apk) from sources other than the Play Store, you will need to give such permission in the settings on your Android device.

DroidZebra ReversiDroidZebra Reversi




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