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Play your favorite retro classic console games inside your browser, for free. SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System), Genesis and MS-DOS games are free to play at this classic games site.

The Play Classic Games website was created by video game enthusiasts so that anyone with a web browser can play classic DOS and console games free. All the games can be played in a web browser, some games can be played on a desktop, tablet or mobile.

All the usual categories are available for play; turn based strategy, adventure, educational, first person shooter, simulation, role playing, strategy/and real time strategy, city building, puzzle solving, platform, action, racing/driving, sport and jump and run along with familiar titles like Doom, Warcraft,  Duke Nukem 3D, Sim City, Wolfenstein 3D, Sid Meier’s Civilization, The Lion King, and Jumpman Lives!.
In addition to the site search function,  filters allow games to be sorted by year, category, name, theme or year. Dropdown menus at the top contain the top 100 DOS games, top 100 Genesis games and top 100 SNES games.

Games are launched via Em-DOSBOX, which is the emscripten port of a popular DOSbox. Clicking on a game will launch the game - if pressing a key (the space bar or enter usually works) doesn't start the game after you've clicked play, click the mask with red eyes to start the game. Load times for games depend on the size of the game and your connection speed, mine is relatively slow so some games took quite a while to load. I didn't notice a lag in game play after a game loaded.

The site asks to be whitelisted  if it detects an adblocker. Unblocking the site results in many ads both static and video autoplay. Some appear on the screen in the game play area and were hard to distinguish as advertsiements. The cookie banner and the notice that you are using an adblocker window can interfere with game play. The cookie banner can be closed (thereby accepting the terms of use for the site), the unblock request window can only be closed by unblocking the site.

The games seemed to run fine in most browsers I tested. If you've been missing a favorite video game or want to try some retro games there are plenty of old favorites to play and new ones to discover.

Play Classic Games

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