Play 2000+ Original DOS Games For Free


If you remember the world before Windows, you remember MS-DOS And many of the best-known DOS programs were games. In an age where graphics and sound effects were primitive, it was all about playability. Some of them were true classics.

If you want to relive, or discover for the first time, the range of MS-DOS games that were available, let me tell you about a site where you can load and play more than 2000 of them. For free, in your browser, with no install or download needed.

Just head to and start playing. Among the classics are the Lemmings series, pictured below, which was one of my all-time favourites.



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I thought it was unusual that I was unable to play these game while using the Chrome browser, however using IE everything ran fine.

Chrome is in the process of phasing out Java support; here's the workaround for now, until Chrome also does away with NPAPI support.
I feel like Chrome is gonna phase itself out of use if it keeps making standard plugins & web protocols obsolete; I see more & more web developers pushing back & refusing to support Chrome anymore.

Some great memories their. Thanks.