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Time spent on mobile devices is on the rise and according to some surveys like Statista, it shows that daily time spent with mobile non-voice media in the United States has increased to 3 hours and 23 minutes per person in 2018.

Thanks to this mobile trend, some new terms appear in media around the world like "phubbing" (or phone snubbing), which refers to ignoring the persons around you in favor of a smartphone, or “nomophobia”, which stands for no-mobile-phone phobia.

As the new year kicks off, it is great to find a way to build better digital habits and break nomophobia by staying more focused on work or less phubbing people, even with help of this app called Forest that lets you “plant a tree and stay focused”.

This app encourages you to stay focused for a time duration you set. During which, a virtual tree you planted will grow so long as you keep it on the screen, otherwise it will wither.

Available on Android, iOS as well as a Chrome extension, the app is well worth trying out. It is a highly rated productivity tool gamified to let you earn virtual coins that can be used to sponsor Maryland nonprofit "Trees for the Future" to plant real trees on Earth too.





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