A photo scanner with automatic removal of glare, straightening, detection of edges and smart rotation.


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Quick and easy to use, remove glare, automatic cropping, straightening and rotation.
Limited resolution, potential distortion due to stitching, may not work well on a less contrasting background.

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PhotoScan by Google Photos is a useful and excellent tool for taking a picture of a printed photo with some editing features for safekeeping or sharing with others. The photos edited with PhotoScan are uploaded to your Google Photos account.

When taking a picture of a picture, PhotoScan helps remove annoying glare or shadow as a result of the surrounding light or your phone's LED flash. It works by taking a picture five times following a step-by-step flow and stitching them together without glare.

Usage is simple. Hold your phone above a photo and tap the button to take a picture, then move your phone around to get the circle over each of the four dots on the screen. Turn flash on to avoid shadow. After the photo is processed, tap the photo thumbnail to see the result.

PhotoScan automatically detects photo edges, crops the photo to the right size, straightens and rotates the image to the correct orientation. It works best by placing a photo on a flat surface with a contrasting background, otherwise part of the board the photo is placed on may be visible. As a fallback, it allows you to adjust corners and orientation manually with the app.

Although all these work pretty well, a certain degree of distortion in the images created with PhotoScan, as with other image stitchers, may happen.

On some devices, the app saves your photos up to a maximum resolution of 2,000 x 1,500 pixels, which is roughly equivalent to the quality that a 3 MP camera would produce. This may be inadequate for archiving if you prefer high resolution and fine detail in photos.


Scan and Share Old Photos Easily with No Annoying Glare

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