Phone Check and Test


Phone Check and Test

A comprehensive hardware checking tool for your Android mobile device.


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License: Free (Ads)
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Test conditions of many components of a mobile device, on-screen results, send reports.
Supported by ads, not all tests are included in the free version.

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Phone Check and Test is a handy tool to check and test working conditions of the main components of your Android mobile device.

Upon running the app, it shows you three main functions, i.e., Monitor Phone, a Guided Phone Test and a Phone Test Report, below an overview with online instructions.

The Monitor Phone section allows you to check and monitor current usage of the CPU, memory and storage, conditions and usage of the battery, and signal strengths of cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

The Guided Phone Test runs a series of automated checks and tests. Many components of the device can be tested and these include: telephony and Wi-Fi network, GPS, NFC, audio, display, touch screen, physical appearance, camera, fingerprint and other sensors, thermal stress, CPU, memory, storage, battery usage, etc.

The Phone Test Report lets you email the test results in an html file, which can be viewed in any web browser.

This app is free and a must-have if you need to ensure a mobile device works without an issue. It has a paid-for upgraded version to remove ads, do more types of tests and set some tests to run individually.


This Handy Tool Checks If Your Smartphone Works Properly

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Just downloaded this app onto my LG G6 and have yet to find a way to run it. Lots of ads, help links, but no straightforward link to run the test. Is this app actually any good? I would like to find out once they sort out the user interface.


Hi Jim,
This is odd: so far I haven't seen a single ad.
And to begin the test is easy: just click "Guided Test" near the bottom of the screen.
To get more information, click "Overview."