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Taskcade is a to-do list and task manager, simplified. The interface is clean and easy to use and there are several useful features that make it a good contender in a crowded field.

Some of the features that make this app worth a look are the ability to create deadlines and due dates, uploading and sharing attachments, video conferencing, chat, notifications, comments, assignment of tasks, and a variety of templates. Lists can easily be shared with friends, family and colleagues.
Text formatting is adequate and you can switch between list view, board view and action view. There's a night mode, and the ability to change the background. Use a pastel solid color background, an image as a background, or choose the random setting.
Lists can be edited in real time and are synchronized across most platforms - web interface, browser extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome, downloads for Mac (64-bit) and Windows (64-bit) and apps for iOS and Android.

For now, all features are free with additional features to be added for a paid version in the future.

The Task List, Weekly Planner and Meeting Notes can be used with no registration and shared with others by sending the list address. The free templates (Bullet Journal, Brainstorming, Meeting Notes, Team Review, Project Overview, Project Roadmap and Reading List) need a free account to use. Sign up using a Google account or a valid email address, user name and password.

There are a few features that would be useful that are in development, like Calendar integration and import/export, though all in all Taskcade is easy to use with several useful features.


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How do I download the software??????

Go to this site:

Under Create a List is an image of a monitor and a phone.

Directly under those images are links for Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, Mac, and Windows. Click on whichever platform you want to use the service on.

Try the downloads page - MC - Site Manager

Even better, thanks MC.