New Free Tweaker from Winaero for Windows 7/8/10


The developer at Winaero has been responsible for a number of useful small free Windows utilities and many have been reviewed in previous tips at Gizmo's. Recently, the developer has combined a collection of his utilities into a single tweaking application called Winaero Tweaker.

Winaero Tweaker is a portable program that contains tweaking features applicable to Windows 7 on up. It even includes tweaks for a beta Windows 10. Microsoft is releasing new beta versions of Windows 10 on a frequent basis so the Windows 10 tweaks are a work in progress. The new tweaking utility can be downloaded here. The download is 848 KB and is a zipped file with several versions of executable together with a DLL file. These files should be unzipped to a folder in some convenient location.

To run the program, just click the file WinaeroTweaker.exe. The program will recognize which operating system you are using and will display a set of tweaks appropriate to the installed OS. There is a sub-folder labelled Windows 7 but it seems to be a duplication. Examples of the interface are shown in the images below. The first graphic shows tweaks for Windows 7 and the second graphic shows tweaks for Windows 8.1. The developer gives a description of using the tool at this link. There is also a FAQ on this page.

Winaero Tweaker Windows 7

Winaero Tweaker for Windoes 8.1

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The boot options seems to be very useful.

Very good, Vic... thank you! :-)