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Automatic Call Recorder

There are many cases where recording phone calls on a mobile are helpful. Some people give you instructions over a phone call and you might find it too slow to jot them down on a piece of paper, or you work in a business or service industry and need to review the conversations over the phone with your clients.

Many smartphones do not come with call recording enabled due to certain regional legislative restrictions. If you need call recording, there are plenty of choice apps in the Google Play Store and this popular app Automatic Call Recorder is one of the most downloaded call recorders on Android.

You can easily use this free app to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls, save calls that you need to keep on your mobile and sync them to cloud services including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Recording calls may be prohibited in certain districts or countries so be aware of such restrictions when using this type of app.

According to Wikipedia, “telephone recording laws in most U.S. states require only one party to be aware of the recording, while other states require both parties to be aware”. In case of the former only, you’re fine to use this app legally without any need to inform the other party in a conversation.

Automatic Call RecorderAutomatic Call Recorder



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