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Multi Commander

A great file manager with a vast array of features in its arsenal for power users.


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Different look n feel setups, Button panels, Extensive customization options, Powerful file operations, Mapping file keys, Language editor.
Best for power users, Less powerful viewer.

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A great file manager for power users is Multi Commander produced by Mathias Svensson. You can control the look and feel of Multi Commander on startup, and choose between Commander Styled, which is optimized for keyboard or Windows explorer Styled compatibility.

In addition, you can choose from multiple look ’n feel profiles for mouse, keyboard, color and overall settings. Various tips are provided during launch to ease you into the functionalities of the file manager. You’re greeted with unique button panel at the lower portion of the file manager for various functions that makes it all the more convenient to use.

Multi Commander has a vast array of features in its arsenal. The multi-view feature lets you browse folders on one panel and the contents are immediately available on the other.

You can configure viewers, editors, launchers to use for different file types. Various plugins are available that expands the file system, file operations such as auto-sort, auto-unpack and support application extensions expands the file manager with various new tools.

Also for the ultimate geeks, you can tweak the read/write strategies used and also set to keep broken/unfinished files. Accessing windows registry right within the manager and quick access to Control Panel is a pretty neat feature. Moreover certain useful Audio, Video and Picture tools are also available.

The file manager is a powerhouse of customizability enhancing the file navigation experience. The multi-update feature automatically updates Multi Commander to the latest version so it saves you the trouble of manual updating. The buttons available on the panel can be configured to execute various external programs, activate functions inside MultiCommand, call scripts, etc.


InterfaceRating 7 of 10

FeaturesRating 8 of 10

CustomizationRating 9 of 10

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I have never been a fan of split pane file managers.
(I begrudgingly concede that would be handy for file moves, but that was never enough to sway me)
I like to have the directory Tree on the left, and I like Tabs
I just discovered that Multi Commander caters for my every whim

I gave it another test, regarding my home network (normal modem/router, with XP and W10 PCs connected via Lan cables).
Most (all) File Managers I have tried stutter/stammer a bit when viewing shared folders. Multi Commander is best I have tried.
It may be a flippin MS Permissions W10 viewing XP PITA, but I rarely can copy a folder from XP to W10. I have to zip the folder, copy the zip across, and then unzip it in W10
I just copied a folder using Multi Commander, and it did it without a whimper.

PS I have a friend who runs a small business. Do you reckon it is free for commercial use ?

i am trying multi commander right now. interesting but have been trying to find how to change the fonts or font sizes in the main window and folders. no luck. went online to help and nothing. pretty basic need and dont want to change my computer settings to accomodate commander. i have used stuff like this for years and never a problem like this.. anyone help?

Configuration > Explorer Panel Settings > Display > Fonts