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Minilyrics-Minilyrics skinKe$ha, Eminem, Katy Perry, David Guetta, dance, you swing, you move, you sing........"SING"! I feel like humming to the rhythm of these singers but oops.. obviously I need the lyrics!

Tired of copy-pasting lyrics from the websites into notepads and/or memorizing them and being fagged out by doing the same for 100 of your most favourite songs? Ever wondered how life would have been much easier if you could just read the lyrics that gets synced with the music as and when you play the songs in your library. Cheer up!? Now Minilyrics does just that for you.

Minilyrics-Windows7 skinWith Minilyrics, singing has now become amusive. It's a fancy synchronised lyrics viewer and a powerful standalone lyrics search engine. It acts as an add-on for your music player, retrieves and displays the synchronized scrolling lyrics for the song you are playing. Best of all, it does this automatically for you. This helps you follow the artist and catch every word. The lyrics for a particular song will be downloaded and displayed for you as rapidly as songs change in your playlist. It has an impressive database of lyrics that's expanding every day. Moreover it's not just for English but for many other languages too! It hasn't failed to find lyrics to any of the English, Spanish, Hindi, German, French or Japanese songs in my library and it supports even more. You can position the flowing lyrics anywhere you want on your desktop. So you can follow and sing even while you work! ;-)

Minilyrics Search WindowCurrently it supports around 24 players and even works great with the latest addition MusicBee, my default music player and manager. The users can create and submit their lyrics, edit the downloaded lyrics using the built-in Lyrics Editor or even save the lyrics to mp3 in three formats—ID3v2 synchronized (supported by Windows Media Player), unsynchronized (supported by Windows Media Player and iTunes) and Lyrics3v2. Registration is now required to upload and edit lyrics files. If it fails to find the lyrics to match any of your files (may be due to wrong tags), you still can type in the name of the song and the artist, and it will search and download the lyrics for you from its database. Multiple lyrics submitted by various users may be available for each song and you can select the one that suits you most based on their ratings and number of downloads. If the lyrics don't synchronize with the song being played, there is an option to choose whether to increase or slow down the tempo of scrolling or you might want to try the lyrics provided by a different user.

Moreover, Minilyrics has an attractive design. It comes with a variety of skins and color schemes that you can play around with and choose the one that matches with your player's skin. It has three display modes (Normal, Floating and Lyrics Bar), various lyric styles (Vertical scrolling, Single line and Static), movie subtitles, options to change the font format, size and color, set the Karaoke mode, Fade-in and Fade out displays and many other features.

The Good:

  • Automated lyrics search and scrolling lyrics
  • Visually stunning and customizable interface
  • Free Trial Version that never expires
  • Huge lyrics database submitted by users
  • Supports all common lyric tag formats
  • Very good support from the creator
  • Support for over 20 different players.

The Bad:

  • Registration nag screen when you launch it
  • Editing and uploading lyrics available only after registration.


There's nothing that can stop me from using this software as I'm able to follow and sing nearly more than 2000 mp3's on my computer. The software gets its job done perfectly and that's the one that you'll be satisfied with and rejuvenate yourself the next time you sing. Here's how I rate it:

Installation:Rating 7 of 10

Interface:Rating 10 of 10

Features:Rating 9 of 10

Usability:Rating 9 of 10

Help and Support:Rating 8 of 10


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Supported players:

AIMP, AlbumPlayer, BSPlayer, foobar2000, Helium Music Manager, iTunes, J. River Media Center, J. River Media Jukebox, jetAudio, KMPlayer, MediaMonkey, Media Player Classic Home Cinema, Musicmatch Jukebox, MusicBee, Quintessential Player, RealPlayer, Silverjuke, Songbird, Spotify, VLC media player, Winamp, Windows Media Player, XMPlay, Yahoo! Music Engine, Zune.

Other Alternatives:

EvilLyrics, TuneWiki


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