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myTuner Radio lets you search and listen to radio stations in 200 countries and territories around the world and 1 million podcasts for free.

With myTuner Radio you can discover new music and listen to podcasts from a wide variety of creators and topics. It runs on Windows devices (Windows 7, 8 and 10, 32/64 bit) and macOS. There are apps for iOS, Android, Microsoft Store, amazon and Samsung Galaxy. You can stream content from the website or listen on amazon alexa, Apple TV, Roku TV and more. The website has Charts section that lists the top songs of the week with options to choose other time frames and genres.

Overall it's a good program to have on your device. There are radio stations from 200 countries and territories to listen to, and the search function lets you pick stations by genre, locale, or keyword. There's a surprising array of stations, including sports radio, talk stations, and of course music and podcasts. The interface is basic and easy to use - there's a Favorites tab, the Stations tab displays stations or search results, and the Podcast tab lets you search or scroll the suggestions. The Music tab has 30 second samples of music from iTunes.

The Search function could have better filters, and if you're looking for top radio stations in your area results can be spotty. When I searched for radio stations that I'm familiar with locally and in other states, they didn't show in the results. Searching an individual state brought results that ranged from the proper state to the other side of the country.

Searching by genre brought up a list of stations in the US and around the world, though I specified the United States.
That said, if you like to find and listen to new music, sportscasts, talk radio, and podcasts and aren't too picky about results it's a good program.

Most (but not all) of the sites display the song title and artist under the station name. For the most part the song that was playing and the song title that were displayed weren't the same on the stations I chose. The other issue I encountered (in all the countries I tried out) is that some stations started playing right away, and some kept loading with the message "Opening" and didn't have audio. These issues could easily have been an internet speed issue, the internet connection I was using was slow.

As is true with most radio stations, there are commercials, and as is true for some radio stations, the announcers kept talking after the music.

Take it for a spin - it runs on most devices and platforms, though I'd like to see a Linux version added to the line up.

myTuner Radio

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How about posting URLs to the sites you're promoting? It would make it faster to adquire and add to one's computer.

Are you referring to the site in this article? If so, the link is at the end of the article. I'm including it here if that's what you were looking for. :)

myTuner Radio

also available from MajorGeeks.

Large database of global stations can be searched, sorted by language, country, genre and title. A Favorites list can be created. If you can find the stream URL for stations you want that are not in the large database, you can add them manually. Several of the available skins have regular and collapsed mini-mode bar-type interfaces which can be always on top or normal operation. There is a record button and the output folder for the capture file is user definable. Can be muted without stopping the stream connection, which makes restarting much faster. This is helpful when switching between another source. Low drain on resources. Does not conflict with other programs. Can be run as a portable program.

This excellent player seems to be more or less abandonware. The last version update was 2013. But as part of my daily W7-SP1 set-up it has been a champ for the last four or five years. (even works well on XP)


Playlists of radio stations can be created and kept in the Media Library of VLC. This requires, of course that you suss out the stream URL for each station. This can be easy or not, but generally if a station has a live listening page, you can grab it from a link or the page view-source. VLC, while an excellent media player that can render just about anything, is a larger program, requires greater resources and does not have a database of global broadcast and internet stations, but if you have favorites that you need or chose to access through a player it is a good alternative.

If you really must keep that irritating pop-out that appears when we scroll down, at least put put something in it that's not a link to the page we're already on!

I'll pass your comment along to the site moderators. I just write stuff, site structure and function is handled by others.

MyTuner wouldn't play anything unless I accepted their cookies so they could determine my interests. Screw that. My interests are my own. I can't stand sites that push things at me based on my previous visits. That means it's not really free.

That wasn't something I experienced. I'm sorry it happened to you, and I understand why you wouldn't want to use the service. If I ran into anything like that while I was testing the site and program I would have mentioned it. I tested it in 4 different browsers on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, both the program and streaming from the website.

We have used streamWriter for many years. Free (a nag now and again when you boot the program). Gets all our local stations and tons of great stations we enjoy. Thanks for sharing with us rhlannon.

BTW, it also records.

That looks like a good site, thanks for sharing it. :)

What a fantastic site -- thanks so much for this little gem! :)

You're welcome, I'm glad you like it. :)

took over the newtab and activate it self automatic with out permission

Is this in your browser?

Great site, looks like here in LA iHeart and Entercom stations aren't available, no surprises there! (and no great loss)
Union Jack radio's one of my faves....

I found some nice gems too, I didn't think I would find any iHeart stations. NPR is available many US locales.

Hmm, oddly enough Entercom's KROQ Kevin and Bean show's there, not live but updated daily.