Leonardo da Vinci’s Collection of Notebooks the "Codex Forster" Is Now Available Online


Two pages of Leonardo da Vinci's codex

The Victoria and Albert Museum has digitized three notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci's writings and drawings. They can now be viewed in "amazing detail" online.

Famous worldwide as the painter of such masterpieces as the Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci (1452 – 1519) is also renowned for his notebooks in which he recorded his thoughts and inventions. Five of these fascinating notebooks, bound into three small volumes are now available online. Collectively known as Codex Forster, they date from about 1487 to 1505.

Written in Leonardo's famous mirror writing, the notebooks explore a range of topics, hydraulic engineering, perpetual motion and a treatise on measuring solids. The notebooks contain careful sketches and diagrams annotated with notes in 16th-century Italian mirror writing, which reads in reverse and from right to left.

The notebooks are made from loose sheets of Leonardo da Vinci's writings and drawings, and aren't in any particular order or date (though some have been dated).

If you want a peek into one of the more interesting minds in history head over and take a look. If you'd rather go straight to the notebooks, here are the links:
Codex Forster I
Codex Forster II
Codex Forster III

More details and information about the notebooks are at the Victoria and Albert Museum. The British Library has high resolution scans of more of Leonardo da Vinci's writings and drawings titled "The Codex Arundel" for more of da Vinci's work.

Leonardo da Vinci's Notebooks

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