Jazz up Your Windows Desktop with this Excellent Free Program


Want to add a new look and some very handy new features to your Windows desktop? Try the free open-source software called Rainmeter and have access to a big selection of useful system gadgets.

Some Rainmeter gadgetsRainmeter is Gizmo’s top choice in the free resource meter category but the program provides much more than that. It is a versatile desktop customization program that can be used to provide many different system monitoring apps and other features. It has the virtue of having a small footprint and uses small amounts of system resources like CPU and RAM.

Rainmeter isn’t new but it is frequently updated and the latest version 3.3 is just out. It is marked beta but is also said to be a stable version. There are both 32- and 64-bit versions. There is also a portable version. The download page is here. It is said to work in Windows XP on up. I tried it in Windows 10, 64-bit and it worked with no problems. The initial download is only 2.3 MB and comes with a small selection of gadgets called a “skin”. These include the ones illustrated in the Windows desktop segment shown in the graphic on the left.   One of the strengths of the program is that it is well-established with an extensive following.  Many of these keep developing new skins for Rainmeter. There are said to be thousands of skins and these can be downloaded from many sources.  It is always possible that malware can be slipped into one of these download sites so care should be taken to stick with sites recommended at this Rainmeter page and to always check any skin with anti-malware programs before installing.

Rainmeter can be used straight off but to get the most out of the program you should look at the manuals and other information provided at this Rainwater docs page. There is also a user’s forum at this link.

And there you have it - Rainmeter can be used to provide a few simple system monitoring utilities or it can be used to set up an extensive panoply of features. You can even write your own gadgets. 

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Awesome! Thanks for this recommendation. I'm excited to try it.

I second the customization possibilities for Rainmeter. Even if you don't like any of the pre-configured skins, you can easily edit one to move components around, add new ones or use a different background image.

Samurize takes this to yet another level and is even easier because it provides a GUI to work with. Sadly the project is long since abandoned and will only work successfully up to and including Windows Vista. It is possible to install on Seven using admin privileges and compatibility mode but you still might encounter issues with it later. Even so, the many XP users still amongst us might appreciate this and what you can do with it. The download options on the original site are long dead but it is still available from some of the trusted third party download sites. MC - Site Manager.



Thanks for this i was wondering if there was something like this Even better to learn its free