iTraffic Meter


iTraffic Meter

A good companion to monitor and report on your network traffic


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License: Free
Review & Alternatives: Best Free Download-Upload Meter

Pros & Cons:

Attractive, fast and easy to use. Customizable graphs.
No long term traffic history. Poor tray icon.


iTraffic Monitor hits the spot in combining the most important features of all the tools here and put them in a fast, easy and attractive piece of software. Customizable graph, network settings, and as one of the only few that identified all my network devices.

Our Review:

After installation it only took me a few clicks to make it look just the way I like it. iTraffic Monitor comes with WinPcap (your choice to install during setup) enabling you to filter out your local LAN traffic (or any IP address or network mask for that matter) if you're only interested in your Internet speed.

Five predefined skins address your optical preferences. However, you can create your own themes too by setting all individual colors separately and save your design. You can set the display units, max value, update interval and other options for the graph.

Typical options like "Start with Windows", "Start minimized" and such are in the boat as well. Weird though that the "Disable Splash Screen" options is displayed but disabled. Even tough optically attractive when open, I find the tray icon a bit disappointing. What I was also missing is a long term history and summaries of your traffic used.

iTraffic Monitor only keeps track of traffic when running and does not save previous sessions. A great tool though for network monitoring when you need real time measuring.

iTraffic Meter was reviewed by on based on version 2.0.1.