An Incredible YouTube Downloader with More Capabilities


FrostWire iconFrostWireI mentioned TubeMate YouTube Downloader before and it was one of the Top Three Mostly Viewed Weekly Apps at our site. If you're looking for more choices than what TubeMate offers in a video downloader, FrostWire is apparently an ideal alternative with even more features and capabilities.

FrostWire connects you to websites, like YouTube for videos, SoundCloud for music and audio files, the Internet Archive for access to collections of digitized materials, and to multiple torrent search engines for Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file-sharing content.

A key to getting what you want is to use FrostWire’s build-in search function—enter a few keywords or paste a link into the app and it returns a full list of search results, classified into Audio, Videos, Pictures, Documents and more, ready for you to explore, select and download any of them to your device.

The search results are based on multiple resources enabled in the app via Search Settings. You can narrow them down by selecting only the resource you need, such as to get only YouTube videos.

FrostWire is also a handy BitTorrent client to search and download P2P file-sharing content with keywords, torrents or magnet links. As a precaution, beware that files traded through P2P may be copyrighted or malicious. FrostWire however lists several torrent search engines for you to choose, including FrostClick that scans the web for free and legal content with a slight preference to music and videos.

What’s more, the app has a built-in media player to preview content before download and playback media files in the library. It seems to keep all that you will ever need in one place, plus settings available for you to configure the ways you like to run the app, like select storage location, enable WiFi mode to save money on your data plan, maximum connections, maximum speed for downloads and uploads, etc.

FrostWire is open source and cross platforms, runs in Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.

The Android version has Plus and Basic editions, both are free. The Plus edition available at the developer’s site allows you to download YouTube videos, while the Basic edition available at the Play Store restricts you from downloading YouTube videos so as to fulfil Google’s requirements.

To install an Android app package (.apk) from sources other than the Play Store, you will need to enable “Unknown sources” in the settings on your Android devices. Upon doing so, the system may remind you in general that your device and personal data are more vulnerable to attack by apps from unknown sources. See also How to Install a Third Party App.



For Android
Download FrostWire Plus:
Download FrostWire Basic:

Also for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux:
Download: See Note below

Note: The desktop installer may contain adware OpenCandy or other unwanted software. Select "Custom" install and opt out of browser addons or any other unwanted software. Read our Installer Advice.


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Joe Jackson said it best - there's somethin goin on around here, round here.

What are you talking about?

After I made post #124140 where I thought the free version did not do Y/T (the free android vs doesn't do Y/T) Someone with the name "site editor" made a post that said "this is a test". After reading that, I reread the article, realizing my mistake, I made post #124189 where I said the score was "test -1, myself -0.
Yesterday I get three (3) 'New Comment' emails spaced 1 minute apart ie ... "1727hrs, 28, 29" the message was "this is a test", "this is a test", "another test" respectively, all from "site editor" So, I'm, thinking Ian, MC or maybe you (I have no idea) is good naturedly messing with me. Because of the first post "this is a test" I reread the article and realized my mistake, hence the score of "test -1, myself -0", I'm thinking "another test" maybe I got something else wrong. When I get here there are no 'test' post, no post from "site editor", Nada, zippo, zilch, just the obvious semi-incoherent mutterings of a man with no proof except 3 pieces of post-script (the emails) that are keeping him from slipping into the abyss known simply as, The Twilight Zone.

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OK, that clears it :D.

Sorry mchldpy for the confusion. Yes we did a few test posts yesterday and today. The test comments were removed after the test.

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My apologies to Jojo Yee. While reading faster than my comprehension levels intake speed, I suffered a buffer overrun and ASS-U-ME-d that the free version did not do GooTube downloads and immediately started mumbling under my breath and thinking other than "happy camper" thoughts.


I have been using it for a  day now thanks to this article and its quite good. What it also has which is good is SoundCloud as well as youtube.

I suggest anyone intending to use it check the options first, in particular WiFI and advertisements and the search engines.

Incredible "if you can pay" YouTube ...