Hundreds Of Free Office Document Templates To Download


Free document templatesHere's a really nice web site from which you can download around 1600 templates for use in documents and spreadsheets. Whether you need a job application letter, a resume or CV, an award certificate, an invoice, a flyer for your church, a title page for your essay, or just about anything else, you'll find it here.

And because they're all freely editable you can use them as the basis for your own documents.

The templates are all free to download and use, and you'll find them at The site claims that it's already had almost 9 million downloads, so there are evidently some popular files here.


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Nice find Rob !
The site includes professional looking resume, questionaire, merit certificate templates
Havent had time to go through all the categories, but they work well with my Word 2003 / 2010
Very useful indeed

Keep up the good work

I tried some with LibreOffice, and they're mostly docx which opens up OK, but some type is a different size or font depending on what you have installed. So you may have to adjust to suit. I use Linux so I don't have a lot of Microsoft fonts, but Windows users should be OK.

Are any Libre-compatible, or MS only?