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HQ Trivia

A live trivia game show with cash prizes.


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License: Free
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Free and challenging game with cash prizes.
The game app is glitchy and lagging at times.

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HQ Trivia is a live trivia game show that rewards you with cash prizes if you are able to correctly answer a series of multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty. In each question, you have only 10 seconds to pick a correct answer so googling for an answer may not help much in the game.

Instantly you are eliminated from the game if you've picked a wrong answer. To rescue yourself from elimination, however, you can make use of an extra life, which you may earn by getting a new HQ user signing up with your referral code.

If you’ve answered all 12 questions correctly, you are qualified to share the prize pool equally among the winners. If there is no winner in a game, the prize money rolls over to the next game.

You can cash out your prize money via PayPal if your digital account with HQ has reached US$20 or more.

This game includes a list of winners with their prize monies won for the week and all time on a leaderboard. It is free to download and challenging to play. HQ Trivia collects prize money from its sponsors, affiliates and marketers.

The game app needs a decent Android or iOS mobile device with high speed Internet connection to run smoothly otherwise it can be lagging and glitchy especially if the game show is logged in with too many users at the same time.


Win Real Money From This Trivia Game Show

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You need to give them your mobile number to play. Aside from the ads, selling people's phone numbers is likely another source of income for this app. No thanks; I don't need more telemarketers and scammers phoning me.