How To View Unsupported Video Thumbnails in Windows Explorer


Icaros video thumbnail viewer

View a wide variety of video formats as thumbnails in Windows Explorer with this program.

Icaros is a tool that allows Windows Explorer (File Manager) to enable and display thumbnails for multiple video formats that aren't supported in Explorer.

Icaros works by using FFmpeg to extract thumbnails and works with almost all FFmpeg extensions such as ape; cb7;cbr; cbz; divx; pub; flac; flv; mk3d; mka; mkv; mpc; ofr; ofs; ogg; ogm; ogv; opus; rm; rmvb; spx; tak; tta; wav; webm; wv; & xvid. It works well right out of the box with options to tweak various parameters and settings.

Icaros can also generate Cover Art thumbnails for Mkv, Flac, Ape, and Mpc files. If you work with video files other than the standard formats that Explorer natively supports Icaros can be a good addition to your toolbox.

Icaros runs on Win 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP and is free of malware according to VirusTotal. It comes in installable and portable versions.

You can download Icaros from their home page which takes you to Major Geeks.

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