How Stuff Works in the World?



If you’ve ever wondered how things work in the world, check out this reliable educational website and app HowStuffWorks, which provides easy-to-understand answers and explanations of everything that you may ask.

The website started off way back in 1998 by professor Marchall Brain as a hobby to give you an insight into the way stuff works and it has expanded over the years. It is full of articles, videos, podcasts and quizzes in a wide range of categories including science, health, animals, adventure, culture, money, entertainment, lifestyle and more.

HowStuffWorks creates new content every day and with topics of current events, such as 5 Ways to Stay Safe in a Mass Shooting, What Is a Bump Fire Stock, etc., in relation to a recent cruel attack in Las Vegas.

To find out more things, you can use the Search function on its website as well as in the app and enter keywords of your interest. Currently the app version is freely available to Windows and Android users.





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