How to Open the Windows Command Prompt from any Folder


Before I start giving tips about specific applications of the command line in Windows, I want to point out a way to open the command line prompt that will often simplify things. If you are working with files from a particular folder, it can save a lot of typing if you open the command prompt so that it points directly to your working folder. If you use the general method of opening the command line, you will have to enter the complete path for files

Windows XP

There is a free Microsoft Power Toy called “Open Command Window Here” that can be downloaded at this link. Install this small file and the right-click context menu for folders will contain an entry “Open Command Window Here.” All you have to do is right-click a folder and select this entry to get a command window that is referenced to the folder.

Windows Vista/7/8.x/10

In the newer versions of Windows, you do not have to install anything. Simply hold down the Shift key and right-click a folder. The context menu will contain an entry, ‘Open command window here.”

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Thank you both. I finally found a tech-GEEK-extraordinaire who was able to guide me, in tech-for-dummies language to actually using PowerShell to get what I need. Something about using simply a different string to make PowerShell give me my list. dir -n > dirlist.txt Sorry, due to my inability to express exactly what I need, y'all probably knew this as well, but it's not what I asked here.
Again! Thank YOU!

Okay, I sincerely hope that someone is still here to help me. I am at my wits end! I've used the above technique to get to the command prompt for particular folders for several years. NOW, with the latest update to Windows 10, when I shift+right click on the folder, "open command window" doesn't appear anymore. I get something called powershell? But I no idea what to do with that.
I have loads of music folders that have been updated in various ways and I need to know where I'm at!
Please help!

you can using window+r then type cmd then enter for call windows command prompt
this can use in win xp, 7, and 8. but in win 7 and 8 have different cause of privilege setting from the windows. you must run as administrator if find error in modification software configurations.