How to Get Free Online Help with Your Computer Problems


Got a computer problem? Can’t find the answer? Googled it and got no joy? The web is full of help forums where you can go and post a question and hope the resident “experts” will help. Of course, at many of these sites the “experts” may not actually be so expert. However, there are some sites where a pretty good level of proficiency is maintained and here's how to find the best. Go to our recently updated review article and solve your problems by using the sites recommended by Gizmo.

Gizmo’s top pick is Tech Support Guy. This site has been dispensing computer advice for many years and has been written about in a number of publications. You’ll have to register to post questions but it’s free.

Here are some excellent sites not mentioned in the review article because of their more narrow focus or because I haven't checked them recently:

  • A forum that I like for questions about Windows 7 is Windows Seven Forums. I find it an excellent place for information on the world’s most popular desktop operating system.
  • Another excellent site not mentioned in the review because of its more limited subject is Tom's Hardware. For  hardware questions, it's hard to beat.
  • A site that has been around a long time is I haven't checked this one out lately but it used to be quite good.
  • For help with  Microsoft software, see the previous Tech Tip article How to Find Help at Microsoft for Your Computer Problems.

Don't forget our own forum, whose members never seem fazed by incoherent newbies and are amazingly patient.

In my next Tech Tips article, I’ll write about the right way to ask questions in a help forum.

What's your favorite place to go for computer help? Let us know in the comments..

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For some reason, my custom built pc doesn't register that a keyboard is plugged into a USB port so I can't get into the bios.
Any ideas why?

I have cloned to an SSD. Unfortunately I have been unable to get it to boot. All I get it is a black page with a bunch of data on it. How can I resolve this problem? Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

Looking for a method to disinfect and sanitize a program installer file for MS windows 8 so that the file still will remain useable to run the application and install the program on my PC. A couple of free online virus scanners have detected possible viruses and malware within the program installer zip file and the file is therefore deemed suspicious .

These could be false positives because of how the installer is packaged but without having full details about the program and where you downloaded it from it is impossible to say. MC - Site manager.

iHelpForum is a friendly place with knowledgeable staff, and experts in the field of malware removal. It's worth noting the staff is largely comprised of people who solved problems at PCHelpForum before moving on.

Help is free, you are required to register in order to post, but certainly worth consideration.