How To Completely Remove Anti-Virus Software in Windows


For whatever reason, anti-virus programs are often difficult to completely remove from computers.
Difficult as in it takes quite a bit of time, knowledge, and often some messing about in the registry to get rid of all the items left behind.

It's such a difficult task that several of the well-known anti-virus vendors have created tools that are specially crafted to remove their programs from computers.

Windows Guides has helpfully put together a list of anti-virus removal tools from several anti-virus vendors.
This is very good information to have if you want to delete or change anti-virus programs.
As an aside, it's best to have one anti-virus program at a time installed, or, if you feel you need more than one, run them separately since running more than one anti-virus at a time on a single computer can wreak havoc on a system.

A note about the list of removal tools - some links lead to a direct download link, and clicking on them will start the file download.
The ones that go to direct download are Panda (all), BitDefender, McAfee, and Norton.
The rest take you to a page where the removal tools can be downloaded.

8 Antivirus Uninstall Utilities

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