HitFilm 4 Express


HitFilm 4 Express

Free video editor focused on special effects and animation


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Pros & Cons:

lightweight, minimum system requirements, numerous creative special effects, powerful 2D and 3D composition tools.
limited export options, some essential features - such as premium format export support - need to be paid for

Our Review:

HitFilm is a comparatively new video editing program, yet it has become quite popular among YouTubers. The free version of the program is named HitFilm Express and it gets updated as often as the commercial one. You can upload such popular video formats as QuickTime, AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG and WMV without conversion. Projects can be saved either in QuickTime, MP4, AVI or published on YouTube directly.

The set of features available in HitFilm Express should be enough for an average user. You can work with titles, edit multiple audio tracks and apply more than a hundred of video filters and effects, such as blurring, green screen and color correction. The strongest side of HitFilm Express is 3D composing unavailable in most free video editing programs, and a number of special effects, such as lightening, fire, storm cloud and much more.

There are some special effects also available as paid extensions, for example "Star Wars style intro" or "Lense dirt".

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