Happy Glass


Happy Glass

A casual physics-based puzzle game with hundreds of levels to solve.


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License: Free (Ads)

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Easy to learn and play, fun and entertaining, many levels of puzzles to solve, hints, physics and gravity well applied.
Very much supported by ads.

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Happy Glass is a casual physics-based puzzle game with hundreds of levels to unlock and solve.

The gameplay is pretty easy. Draw a line, curve or a shape to direct water flows and make the glass filled up to beat a level and earn stars, or spin the wheel for a random number of coins. As you use ink to draw, the green bar reduces and your star rating goes down correspondingly. To get full three stars, you need to use as less ink as possible.

As you move on to higher levels, new elements such as a floating glass, moving parts, orange balls, burning bars, red zones, etc., are added to make puzzles more challenging and perplexing to resolve.

Should you find a level which is extremely difficult to solve, tap the Hint button to get the best move but it deducts 100 coins from what you have earned.

Besides the standard puzzles, the app also provides some challenges with different gameplay like Don't Spill and Flippy Glass. It earns you some coins as you complete a challenge.

Happy Glass completes with various themes for water, face and pencil to unlock with coins. Overall, the game is fun and entertaining to play. It is very much supported by ads; watching them is never enjoyable but you are able to collect coins as well in return.


Exercise Your Brain With This Charming Physics-Based Puzzle Game

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