Google Drive and Google Photos Are Splitting: Here's What You Need to Know


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In a blog post, Google announced they are changing how Google Photos and Google Drive work together.

Right now, photos and videos that are stored in Google Photos are synchronized with Google Drive. If you add or delete a photo in Google Drive, it's also added or deleted from Google Photos. If you make changes to media in Google Photos, those changes are automatically applied in Google Drive. Starting July 10th, 2019 images and videos in Google Drive won't synchronize with Google Photos.
According to Google, this will make things clearer and decrease accidental deletions because it wasn't clear that images and videos were stored in both places and that deleting them in one service deleted them in the other service.

Existing photos and videos will remain in their current state, synchronized in both services. Changes will only apply to new media after July 10, 2019. After the change, if you want to add, delete or make changes to images or videos, you'll need to make the changes in both services. You'll still be able to use Google's Backup and Sync to upload photos or videos to both Google Photos and Google Drive on Windows, macOS, Android and iOS. Google is adding a feature called "Upload from Drive" to make it easier and clearer to manage media.

For more complete details on the change, see this Google article:
Upcoming changes to Google Photos & Google Drive

There are some changes to how storage will be used, items synced before July 10, 2019 will not take up extra storage space.
After the change, using Google Backup and Sync to upload photos and videos to Google Drive and Google Photos won't take up duplicate storage. If you manually upload a photo or video from Google Drive to Google Photo it will take up storage space in both places.

If you want to download your photos, videos or other data before or after the change, directions are here:
Download your data

Changing how Google Drive and Google Photos work together

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Do you have any citations for that information? I would appreciate it if you know where you saw it and would pass it along.

My understanding is that Google Drive and Google One are two different services.

Google Drive is a free storage service provided to anyone with a Google account and isn't shutting down according to Google.

Google One is a paid subscription that gives you more storage across Google services and isn't being discontinued as far as I can determine.

Google Photos is not closing or shutting down according to Google.

Google Plus recently shut down. Photos there needed to be moved to Google Photos or downloaded before the April 2, 2019 shut down date if you wanted to retain them. All other Google Plus data could be download via Google's Takeout. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Strange? I heard or read that Google Drive was no more, and had become Google One. Further I heard that Google Photo's was being decomissioned, much like iTunes. This could be a step in that direction?