Get This Inventive Android Browser With Full Chrome Extensions Support


Kiwi Browser

While Firefox has been able to install add-ons for the Android version of the browser for some time, the most popular browser Chrome has yet to allow you to run browser extensions in its Android version.

If you have been using desktop Chrome with useful extensions all the time, you will certainly feel that this great feature is still missing when you switch over to the mobile version of Chrome.

The good news is there is an inventive mobile Kiwi Browser that supports desktop Chrome extensions. Based on Google’s open-source browser Chromium, Kiwi is developed by Geometry OU and supported by a team of volunteers.

Besides full extensions support, Kiwi has incredible page load speed, powerful ad blocker, cryptojacking protection, options to move the address bar to the bottom, block annoying notifications and more.

Head to Google Play Store and give this powerful browser a whirl.

Kiwi BrowserKiwi Browser




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Kiwi is the default web browser on my Android phone.