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Gone are the days when we savored more letters from the letterboxes. On the contrary, now we hate to have tons of emails and even spam in our inbox everyday.

Thus to make our emails more organised, Gmail and some other email services manage to separate incoming mails into a few categories, such as primary, social, promotions, updates and forums, so that we can get what we want more quickly and directly.

Despite this twist, email services may not be the most efficient tool for exchanging ideas and working together remotely as a team on a project. Rather, there are a few collaboration tools and services that can do better for you.

One of such great tools is Slack. It has been quite popular in the market and allows you to collaborate across teams and companies more efficiently. Using its streamlined design, you are able to get more work done with better workflow.

Slack is accessible on nearly any platforms, either Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or the Web. The basic features are free for an unlimited period of time and good enough for average users or a small team.





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I've used Slack for a couple of years as a community group I belong to uses it as standard.

It's OK as far as it goes, but it has one really irritating problem - there is NO way to print any conversation from the program itself - you have to copy and paste text into a word processor and print from there.

I have raised this several times with Slack, but they don't seem to realise that this is a real problem - and surely something which should have been included in the first version of the program.