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When it comes to downloading video files from the Internet, I have plenty of choices of using either desktop software, web apps, browser addons or extensions. I can easily find one among those listed in the article Best Free Video Downloader.

But if I want to download YouTube videos to my Android device and expect to get a good video download app from the Play Store, I am mostly out of luck as Google disallows such apps to be hosted in its Play Store based on its terms of service.

If you’re like me looking for a YouTube downloader for Android devices, you will need to walk out from the Play Store and get it from other places.

The good news is there're a plethora of such apps available either directly from developers' websites or any other third party app stores.

For example, TubeMate YouTube Downloader developed by Devian Studio is available for free. It's an Android package which you can download from the sites verified by the developer and run it on your Android mobile device. It serves the purpose well.

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