Get Easy Access to Frequently Used Symbols Not on Your Keyboard


Symbolology copy and paste keyboard characters

Copy and paste commonly used symbols that aren’t on your keyboard using this convenient web page.

Symbololology is a one page site with many commonplace symbols (keyboard characters) that aren't on your keyboard.

It's easy to use, click the symbol to copy it and paste it into whatever you’re working on.

The symbols are divided into these categories:

• Punctuation
• Maths, numbers & units
• Box-Drawing
• Emoticons, decoration, UI & miscellaneous
• Currency & commercial symbols
• Arrows & shapes
• Accents, ligatures & diphthongs
• Greek
• International Phonetic Alphabet
• Fancy Alphabets

The site isn’t as extensive as CopyChar (covered here); it’s one brief page with the author's most used symbols. If there are symbols (keyboard characters) you use often and they are listed on the page, it’s quite a convenient site.

Visit Symbolology

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Rhiannon-thank you for your very helpful "finds". I somehow missed your original review on CopyChar, but I followed your link in this article and again, found something that I'll use every day. It's such fun to see what you'll come up with next!
Thank you!!!

You're so welcome. :)

Gizmo's is the best web-site on the Net of its kind...always complete information and while I like Symbology I find that CopyChar compliments it extremely well, which I found in your commentary just above! Will use both! Thank you rhiannon!!

Thank you for your kind words, the gang appreciates them.
I like both sites, though I use Symbology more often.

Nice find, so useful and so easy to get french uppercase characters with accents ... many thanks!

I'm happy you find it useful. :)