Freeware Game of the Week (When your favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game)



Mar 26 - Apr 1

Ever felt like bringing back the nostalgic feeling of the old days when you were playing with a GameBoy? Or if you haven't had the chance to have  a Nintendo DS but really wanted to play one of your favorite cartoon turned game. Here you've one for your PC and best of all it's Free and in 3D!

Pokemon 3D

Pokemon 3D a fan created game heavily inspired from Pokemon Gold/Silver versions but is viewed from a 3D perspective. If it's the first time you're hearing about Pokemon, these are various creatures with special powers whom you capture, train and battle with other pokemons of various trainers. These so called pokemon's may be big or small and of various types like Grass, Water, Fire etc, and each of them have certain strengths and weakness over other types. The best pokemon trainers have to find their opponents type, hence their strengths/weaknesses and bring out the perfect pokemon to battle against them. 

Through your journey you collect pokemon's and train them for various moves. When it reaches a certain level, it evolves to a bigger, stronger version of itself.  Pokemon's aren't just creatures for a battle, they're your friends and good treatment is also necessary for them to evolve. During your epic journey you meet various people, some will be your friends for a friendly fight, others will be rivals whom you've to dispose off. 

The environment and graphics in Pokemon 3D takes inspiration from MineCraft with pixellated graphics but has a charm of it's own. Through your journey you'll challenge 8 different Gym leaders, and finally enter the Pokemon league to be the best of them all. You'll collect different kinds of items and Pokemons and trade them over internet. The story takes around 10 hours to complete and even after completing it you can do various things in this huge pokemon world. 

The game is heavily under development, new pokemons and various other features are being added constantly, but is good to play from start to finish. Additionally you can play with a friend in LAN co-op and even compete with players on the internet.. You need a Gamejolt account for the same. 

Moreover Pokemon 3D is also the highest rated and most popular game at Gamejolt 



Genre: Adventure RPG

Go on and be the best trainer. See you next week...:D


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Freeware Game of the Week


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Favorite Cartoon turned into a Free Game??? Pokémon started out as a card game then a video game. Cartoons were created later to further sell the game.

I thought an actual non-game cartoon had been turned into a game. This is just a re-boot of the Gameboy version.

It was most definitely a video game before it was a card game. (I'm pretty sure even the cartoon pre-dated the card game.)

You're right, but I've said, Cartoon turned into a "Free" Game, there was Gameboy versions in the past but that costed dollars. Anyway if you didn't own handhelds and wanted to play on PC, without using emulators what could get better than a free game?

I guess a more appropriate title would have been "When your favorite Gameboy game turned into a Free Game". I know I'm being picky... Good job on digging this up though.

I played it in the past and I enjoyed it. In fact, I'd like to play it again. However, I am not sure that it is safe to visit its website. According to URLVoid, AVGThreatLabs claims that the site is infected by ILCrypt.

URLVoid results:

Details (AVGThreatLabs):

I'll keep an eye on it, but I'll still not access the website.

1/28 detection is usually considered as a false-positive. Since the site and the game is so popular, I'm not sure why shouldn't it be safe.
VT finds it safe and so does Zulu. It's just an IP reputation score that is giving a negative result. MC - Site Manager.

George.J: you are right; when URLVoid has 1-2 detections my general rule is also to consider it a false positive, especially if it comes from less-known scan engines. It's just that the detection was from AVG (a good one) and it made me a bit unsure about what to do (but AVG can also have false positives, of course).

MidnightCowboy: after reading your post and seeing your links, I forgot my worries about the game's website. For the future, I'll also take note of Virus Total URL scanning (I only used it for file scanning) and Zulu (I did not know it).

Thank you very much for your comments.


It's only fair to point out that all scanners suffer from false positives but some are worse than others. McAfee and Norton spring to mind as two of the worst offenders. Norton in particular adopts the worse than useless method of "reputation" scoring. This means if they haven't yet seen or scanned a file or URL it must be malicious because otherwise how can they promise to protect their users from "everything".:D Some others also use reputation and/or heuristic scoring which is highly unreliable and pretty much a "cover our butt" solution. All of this is highly confusing for the average user but false positives or not, my advice is always to follow that of your chosen AV's alerts unless you are prepared to research each item independently online and then make an informed decision from that. MC - Site Manager.

I'm confused; you mention "Game Jolt" (GameJolt) "", which your link does lead to, but then the links you display for the Pokeman Home page is "", but the link takes one to "" which is not Pokeman, at all, but "I Wanna Be The Guy" which is described as a nail-rippingly difficult platform adventure. The link displayed for the Pokeman Download is "" which takes one instead to "" which is indeed on "GameJolt", but not the download for Pokeman, but for "I Want To Be The Guy"

After looking around on "GameJolt" I did indeed find the page for "Pokeman3D" with a download link ""

And I researched the addresses you displayed and they do indeed lead to a "Pokeman3D" site: and also the downloads page:

Will the real "Pokeman3D" please stand up! Thank you, for the post.

Sorry about that, I've corrected the links now. The links got mixed up with the previous Game of the Week, which was I Wanna Be the Guy: Gaiden. And it's Pokemon not "Pokeman" :D

The plural of Pokemon is also Pokemon. It is most certainly not "Pokemon's".

(Technically it would be "Pokémon", but let's not go nuts.)